Forgetting To Pretend

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hello i’d like to hire an assassin? yes the target is me please murder me


late night thoughts

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late night thoughts

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what i planned to do this summer

  1. paint and make art
  2. hang out with friends
  3. exercise 

what i actually did

  1. cried
  2. blogged
  3. ruined every friendship i have

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can u pretend im not ugly and annoying and fall in love with me

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How can people think that gay couples shouldn’t be allowed children. I don’t know about you , but this is the happiest family I’ve ever seen.


I just want to be happy and in love like this :3

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caps 28/50

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I Saw Water
Tigers Jaw
Tigers Jaw

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I Saw Water - Tigers Jaw
Today I needed a break
My friends are up in mountains
And I’m drowning in lakes

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